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A wonderful bundle of white sage, palo santo and clear quartz to help assist your smudging and blessing ceremonies.


Palo Santo also called Holy Wood has a rare and delicious smelling relative of Frankincense that grows in South America. A sacred plant -- it is used historically both as a medicine of protection and for spiritual work.


White Sage has been used historically by Native Americans in North American indigenous ceremonies to call in positive, intelligent spirits and to open ceremonies. It has been used as a scared spiritual herb for hundreds of years.


Take off the twine before burning.

Quartz: Hold in in your hands and visualize your intention for the work you are about to do. Hold the quartz until you feel an energetic shift or that your intention has been added to the stone. You can place it in the area where you will be doing work, or in your pocket, or allow another to hold it. The stone is to amplify your intention. Once you have finished the ceremony, the stone still has the intention set and will continue working long after your session.

White Sage : Light the tip of the sage wand, and allow it to smoke. Move around the room you want to cleanse in a clockwise motion, paying special attention to the corners, where negative energy tends to collect. Use a dish or shell to collect any debris from the burned sage.

Palo Santo : Use Palo Santo by lighting one end of the stick, then allow to burn out or blow out the flame and allow it to smolder. One stick can be used many times.


This listing is for 1 Palo Santo Stick, One Mini White Sage torch and one Quartz Gemstone.

White sage bundle measures 4″ in length & approx. 1.25″ in diameter.
Product lifetime : 1 to 3 months depending on your use.
Palo Santo measures approx. 3,93″ in length & 0,78″ in width.
Quartz: Size, shape and clarity will vary. I also have rose quartz, amethyst that can be substituted. Let me know at checkout if you prefer one of these other stones.

Optional 5 inch abalone shell can be purchased at checkout.

Never leave burning things unattended, or attended by children and/or pets.

Visit the journal here for instructions on how to smudge your home. 

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