$ 80.00
Product Description

Enjoy a 60 minute customized meditation session with our certified meditation instructor based on your unique goals. You'll leave more confident, settled and ready to take your individual practice to the next level. 

This can be as simple and 1:1 private coaching, or as complex as a corporate wellness event. Please connect with us for any questions you may have prior to booking. 

Our certified Meditation Instructor has facilitated a range retreats for schools, churches, and the Myriad Gardens among others.

Choose from one style of meditation, or an overview of simple, easy, everyday practices that you can learn in as little as one hour:

Breath and Body Awareness

Gratitude Meditations

Mindfulness Exercises

Heart Centered Breath

Walking Meditation

Grounding and Centering Visualizations

Mantra Meditation

Yoga Nidra

Starting at $80.00 per one hour session.

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