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Product Description

Open | Heal | Activate the heart chakra

Rose quartz is a stone full of heart, joy and the expression of love, both internally and externally.

How to Use:

Rose quartz can be worn, held, or simply placed in your space.

Helps to balance the heart chakra, opening and expanding the energy to allow the feelings of gratitude, love and compassion to flow. It is said to restore harmony in all relationships and encourages open and unconditional love.

It's also really pretty!

We recommend  keeping a few on hand to gift to anyone in your life that needs a little love in their life, is going through a tough time or feeling like they’re not enough. This gift is sure to help them tap back in to their unique offering and passions and ignite and attract new love.

Locality: Brazil

Size: Each piece is between 1.25 -2”

 ***Prior to shipping, all stones have been energetically cleansed and charged under a full moon and/or cleansed with sound healing and sage

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