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Product Description
Rose Quartz, a love and heart gemstone, has consistently been one of the top sacred stones for thousands of years.

A stone of the heart, of joy and expression of love both internally and externally.


Rose Quartz can be worn, held, or simply placed in your space.

Helps to balance the heart chakra, opening and expanding the energy to allow the feelings of gratitude, love and compassion to flow. It is said to restore harmony in all relationships and encourages open and unconditional love.

It's pretty too.

I gave one to a co-worker about a year ago. I was reminded today. She has recently gone through a divorce and at the time was naturally sad and thinking her love life was over. She was telling me she needed something, just a piece of hope. Anything. What could I do?

I gave her a small polished piece of Rose Quartz. Today, she stopped by my office and we talked about her engagement and signing for her new home this week--and how she was packing to get ready to move in with her fiancée and came across my stone in the drawer next to her bed where I told her to put it.

She thought about tossing it.

But couldn't.

That made my heart happy.


This listing is for a single piece of tumbled and polished beautiful translucent Rose Quartz from Brazil.

Size: 1.25 -2 inches

***Prior to shipping, all stones have been energetically cleansed and charged under a full moon and/or cleansed with sound healing and sage.

Shipped in muslin bag with instructions for use