Sandalwood Dhoop Incense | Meditation + Divination Blend

$ 8.00
Product Description

rich | warm | calming | sweet | creamy

Premium masala-style Sandalwood dhoop incense sticks. 

Our signature scent in the studio, and part of our nightly ceremony as we turn off the lights, the electronics and send the signal to our bodies that the time to release the day has come.

The fragrance is deep, rich, complex while calming and uplifting. Perfect for meditation, relaxation or to infuse a peaceful vibe in any space.

A perfect treat for Indian incense lovers, these have no bamboo sticks at the end for a refined look and are long lasting.


Large size 4"

About 40 minutes burn time per stick

12 sticks per package

Shipped in stamped muslin bag, and also in an inner sealed packaging to keep freshness.

Ships with incense burner | holder

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