Shamanic Energy Healing Session

$ 80.00
Product Description

Many Shamanic traditions believe illness and disease rise from unresolved past traumas. These traumas become stored in our energetic bodies (or auras) and, over time, can manifest into physical illness and obstacles in our daily lives. 

We all experience trauma differently. If we look at two children who become separated from parents in a store -- what may be a great adventure to one child, might be deeply traumatic for another.

Traumas add up throughout a lifetime. They may manifest as broken patterns we keep repeating, like the unhealthy relationship regardless of a new partner.  

Subconscious trauma stored at an energetic level may look like obstacles and blocks to personal goals due to fear or feelings of inadequacy. We all have wounds, and it is the core work of the Shamanic Energy Practitioner to help heal the energetic body. 

No two Shamanic healing sessions are ever the same, because no two people are the same. Our stories are all unique. These sessions tend to be very relaxing, and clients frequently leave the session feeling much lighter and happier. Many people report profound transformation in many aspects of their personal lives, secondary to Shamanic healing. 




Shamanic healing sessions may take as little as 20 minutes or as long as 90 minutes. Some people will only need one session, while others may require several. 

At the beginning of the session, the Shaman will interview the client to identify negative emotions, physical issues, obstacles, unhealthy habits, tied to the healing session that are unique to the client. 

The client's Chakra's (energy centers of the body) are assessed for low performance and possible blockage. When a Chakra is not functioning correctly, life force energy can not flow as it should through the body. 

The Shamanic practitioner will work with the energetic body to open the Chakra system using all or a combination of rattling, smoke, feathers, gemstones, and singing bowls or other traditional Shamanic tools. 

After the session, the practitioner and client will discuss how the meeting went for the client, what to expect over the next several days, and the next steps to help the transformative journey. Homework will be assigned. 

Clients will usually feel uplifted and energetic immediately after the session. It is common to feel tired a few hours after. Some people will need to carve out quiet time and space. This is all common and part of a deeper energetic shift happening within each individual. Feeling a bit tired or raw may linger for up to 24 hours after a session. It's essential to exercise personal care and listen to your body and emotions after any energy healing session. 

All clients are given a ceremonial bath soak, charged crystal, and candle designed to support the client at home after the session is complete. 


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