SLEEP | Gemstone Meditation Candle

$ 22.00
Product Description

Lavender | Vanilla | Soothing

Ever feel like you just need something extra to help your day fall away? Enter our wonderfully relaxing lavender, palmarosa and vanilla hand poured aromatherapy soy candle, the perfect tool to take your day from chaos to chill!

Topped with lavender flower and amethyst to help lessen your troubles and guide you into the sweetest of dreams.


I (Dena) have a bedtime ritual that involves our sweet dreams sleep tea. It includes this candle, and some other quick tricks to help me get to and stay asleep.

Here's what I do each night to increase my sleep quality:

  • meditate for ten minutes about two hours before bedtime and turn off all TVs, electronics, and most lights.
  • Next, light these candles all over the house to create some light, set a great mood in the house and send an important message to our brain and body that the natural rhythm of sleep is approaching. Note: scent is a signal to our primitive brain stem, and our bodies will begin to associate a certain smell with a certain thing, in this case, it signals bedtime! The routine of turning down the lights and lighting a candle helps create a lasting ritual.
  • About 45 minutes before bed, I make a large pot of sweet dreams tea and we drink it while reading the kids a story. You could take this time to journal, take a bath or shower, read or even sit and stare at the wall, anything that feels right for you today. Admittedly, I have on occasion replaced my bedtime tea with wine. It's your ritual to create and move through however you choose to do it.
  • About 15 minutes before I'm ready to turn in I journal or read a non-provocative book for a bit to help unburden my mind and then I'm on my way to sweet slumber! 

Why You'll Love It:

    • The amethyst crystals in your candle are easy to clean once the soy candle has burned out. We recommend keeping them by your bed as the intention has been set and will continue to work long after the candle is gone.
    • **If you have a specific intention that you want to manifest--take a small piece of paper and write your intention on the paper and then place it under the candle while it burns.**
    • Burn Time: Up to 80 hours 


    Never leave burning candles unattended, in reach of children or pets. Extinguish your candle before getting in bed.