Smudge Feather | Large Turkey Feather

$ 4.00
Product Description

The perfect feather for your smudge and sage ceremonies. A simple, practical and easy way to disperse incense, resin, holy wood and sage smoke into nooks, crannies, tight and unusual spaces.


We’re big believers in practical magic.

Why use a feather during smudging and sage ceremonies? When you want to move energy throughout your space, you want that space to be pretty clean and clear of clutter. Stagnant and negative energy tends to collect in places without windows-  think corners of a room, under the bed, that space between the side table and the wall. Maybe in that cabinet that's pretty and holds stuff -- but you don't ever really open it.

A smudge feather helps you direct the smoke into these areas and break up some of that stagnant energy to allow positive vibes to flow in the space. You can do this with a cupped hand as well, but my personal preference is a smudge fan like this one as it allows the smoke to flow more freely than the hand can..

You can also use it to direct the smoke when smudging someone else. We know that it can sometimes, it's a little awkward dipping between a strangers legs and underarms to get the smoke in the auric body, this will help!


Hold this simple Turkey feather in highest regard considering the work it will be doing for your space. I store my smudging tools (sage, shell, feather, and bells) in a pretty box, so they never touch the ground and to ensure that no one in my home ever touches my sacred tools. After all, we believe that holding your tools in reverence increases their connection and power.

If, for instance, your sister comes over and gets in your stuff (as sisters do) simply grab a palo santo stick, some copal resin, or even a sage bundle and smudge it to reset the energy.

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