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A birthstone for Sagittarius, and associated for centuries with artists. Musicians, Painters, Sculptors.

Believed to connect to higher realms to tap into creativity and higher vibration inspiration while psychically protecting the individual from others who may want to steal or mirror creative works of art. This a strong stone for opening the third eye and obtaining inner knowing. 

Works well as a meditative stone due to its peaceful flowing energy and should be worn or carried or placed in a central area or room due to these properties. A social stone, with rumors that the energy grows the more the person associated with it uses or carries the gemstone. 

Healing uses have included lowering blood pressure, reducing hypertension when near the heart, calming the thyroid gland and nervous system by reducing stress. Because this is a stone that needs prolonged interaction or use or carrying, I recommend using this stone as a piece of jewelry like a necklace. It can be simple or elaborate--use the stone to tap into your higher imagination and identify unique ways to incorporate it in your daily routine. 

Listing is for a single piece of Sodalite, each has been charged under a full moon or cleansed with sacred Copal and placed in a purple organza bag prior to shipping.

Each piece is .5-.75 inches in length.

Yours in the journey,

Dena B