Best Friend Candle | Soul Sister Celebrating Friendship

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Lilac | Gardenia | Lily | Magnolia

On a mission to let your bestie know how much you love her? We’ve got you covered! Our founder crafted this best friend candle when asked by a bride to be for something unique to gift her wedding party (hint, hint, these make a perfect bridesmaids gift!).

Dena’s best friend had just moved across the country and she wanted this best friend candle to reflect with their friendship and journey together.

This candle encapsulates all of those big and small moments that we encounter in friendships including weddings and celebrations, and also the smaller, unglamorous moments like helping someone with household tasks while they’re sick and supporting them in grieving a loss.

Our friends are keepers of secrets and dreams, a shoulder to cry on and kindred spirits.

They are our soul sisters.

MANTRA: I welcome deep and lasting friendship in to my life.

Why You’ll Love It:

You'll both love this hand poured candle with a folk fragrance blend that was crafted centuries ago to celebrate the joys of friendship.

We’ve topped this candle with a bit of turquoise and silver glitter to strengthen friendship and intuition and bring a bit of luck as well.

The front and back of the best friend candle have a friendship specific message, see photos for details.

Size: 4 oz | Burn Time: 35 hours


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