Tibetan Bell | Black Temple Bell

$ 20.00
Product Description
A versatile black and gold Tibetan bell (5 inch tall hand made) for deepening your meditation practice and/or space clearing ceremony. The bell can be rung by itself or stroked with the accompanying wooden stick (Dorje) in a circular motion to create a 'singing" sound much like a Tibetan bowl.

There are a couple of different ways these bells can be used.


Strike the bell a few times to begin your session to dispel negative energy, and set the intent for a deeper meditation session.

Use the bell as a focal point for your meditation.

Strike at the end of the meditation session as a close to your personal meditation ceremony.


Space Clearing is used to clear stale, stagnant chi (life force) energies in a home or office environment.

You can use the bell on its own, or after using sage/resin/incense go back through the space ringing the bell in areas where stagnant energy collects to help break up energy. I find that I can actually personally hear a difference in the sound of the bell when stagnant energy is present and the after it is released. This is mostly in corners and behind doors for me.


Meditation bells are a wonderful addition to sound bath ceremonies and crystal clearing activities.

Listing is for one 5”bell with ball and wooden striker.

* Note: The bell clapper is attached by a string. It is not attached to the bell itself. These bells are made and used by monks to induce trance and meditative states, so the sound is very important to this process. Using material like metal that is attached to the bell itself would decrease or take away some of the natural resonance of the bell.

A wooden striker is shipped with the bell. This allows you to play the bell like a singing bowl, or to strike it.