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Sage | Shell | Stand

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I fell in love with the art of energy clearing as one of my first Shamanistic lessons. It actually was my first lesson.

I once wanted to have my house cleansed. It felt five thousand kinds of icky. Was it a ghost, was it me, was it the weather or my cousin that visited for two weeks?

I had no idea how to do it, but I wanted to make sure it was done right.


I was amazingly lucky in my journey. I met a Shaman who not only cleansed my home, but taught me how to do it myself. It was worth every cent. I felt empowered and people commented about how peaceful my house was. There was a tangible shift that cast away any doubt we as a family may have had about the process.

As I grew in my confidence and my own studies, I began to understand the deeper meaning and smudging went from what felt like a task-- to a joyful ceremony that connects me to my home in a way that I've never felt before.

Simple smudging with sage became a toolkit of crystals, and botanicals and true ceremony -- all dependent on the unique happenings in the space. Cleansing and clearing went from a one size fits all approach to a dynamic process for me and the owner of each space.

I search out pieces that we more than just the usual. I wanted big, beautiful shells and fresh - dried sage bundles and flawless crystals. This is a soulful ceremony. Your items should touch your spirit. You are bringing them into your home and making part of your family.

Why smudge? Everything is energy. As we go about our routines, we leave an energetic footprint and we also unknowingly or unknowingly experience these energies left by others.

It doesn't have to be a ghost. What is a ghost anyway? It might be an attachment we have to someone or something, or maybe a feeling from that blowup argument you had a year ago...

Maybe that feeling you are having is simply be stale energy that hasn't moved. Think an invisible pile of dust in each corner or behind that pile over there...

Maybe illness, or fighting, or trauma or death has added to this.

Energetic clearing and cleansing techniques are used to disrupt and release stagnant or negative energy and to fill the space with new intentions (manifestations), and positive energy.

Keeping a home or business clear and balanced is important to health, wellness, mental clarity, and emotional and spiritual peace.


Unsure how to conduct your own clearing ceremony? Click here.  


These are some of the most beautiful abalone shells (5-6 inches) available.

These shells are commonly used to burn loose herbs or bundles during smudging ceremonies. Big enough to hold a small or medium stick fully, or to prop a stick against while shouldering.

Or your order can come with a complete kit or with just one or two missing parts. It's up to you....

Never leave burning smudge sticks or incense unattended

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